Aiman Raza, 2024


Biological Sciences

My research focuses on using environmental DNA (eDNA) to identify the presence of brook trout in the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Partnering with scientists at the USGS, I am conducting experiments in the lab and field to study the effects of water temperature, season, and distance on eDNA dynamics to inform brook trout management practices. Brook trout are sentinels of clean, cold headwaters, and eDNA is a non-invasive and rapid way of evaluating ecosystem health.
UMBC Mentor: Tamra Mendelson
Partner Mentors: Aaron Aunins, Cheryl Morrison, Nathaniel Hitt, & Stephen Faulkner (USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center)
Community Stakeholder: Theaux Le Gardeur (Gunpowder Riverkeeper)