Example research projects

Please use the links below to learn more about some of our potential research projects with our partners!
Research projects are focused on the Baltimore Harbor Socio-ecosystem.

Please check back for new projects!

Department Project Partner
Chemical Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) DPW
Chemical Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) Evaluation of watershed-scale impacts of stormwater management facilities on thermal loads to a Maryland Class IV stream using a high-frequency sensor network BCDEPS
Biological Sciences Pollinator Diversity in Urban Parks.

Avian Diversity in Urban Parks.

Biological Sciences Using eDNA to track Brook Trout recovery.

Geography & Environmental Systems (GES)

Comparative analysis of urban watershed sediment loads and yields from multiple cities along the mid-Atlantic eastern seaboard.
Geography & Environmental Systems (GES) Contaminant movements through food webs, water, and terrestrial environments using spiders.

What do property rights and land tenure security tell us about forest health and connectivity in Baltimore?

Geography & Environmental Systems (GES) Reassessing magnitude and frequency of intense rainfall and urban flooding in connection with the State of Maryland’s floodplain mapping and flood hazard management efforts.
Geography & Environmental Systems (GES) Unravelling Biodiversity Patterns in Baltimore’s Urban Forests.
Geography & Environmental Systems (GES) Intense flood-generating rainfall over Baltimore City: Magnitude, duration and frequency.

Spatial pattern of flood hazards associated with intense rainfall events in Baltimore City.