ICARE NRT Master’s Degree Program

Community Engaged Environmental Science & Social Justice

National Science Foundation
Research Training (NRT) Grant

Broadening Participation
Across the Environmental Sciences
In and Around Baltimore Harbor


The ICARE NRT master’s degree is a 2-year interdisciplinary degree program with a dual mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice combined with research focused on improving the health of Baltimore Harbor. Students are mentored by a UMBC faculty member and a non-academic scientist from a government agency, non-profit, or industry. That research team is embedded in a larger stakeholder team, meaning that each student and their mentors work with one or more community members (non-scientists) that have a stake in the research, from development to completion. Students also take skills courses (community engagement, JEDI, oral and written communication) and disciplinary courses appropriate to their research project.

Students complete requirements for the program while earning a master’s degree from UMBC in Biological Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Geography & Environmental Systems, the cross-campus Marine Estuarine Environmental Science (MEES) program, or the UMBC School of Public Policy.



The ICARE Master’s Program is not currently accepting applications, but individual ICARE Faculty and Departments still are! More information can be found under Application Information.


Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in these subjects should directly contact potential mentors in each of the component departments. Faculty members may still be able to sponsor masters, or PhD students interested in these subjects.