Molly Finch, 2024


Geography and Environmental Systems (GES)

My research explores the implications of the federal Justice 40 Initiative, which is designed to increase financial investment in communities facing environmental injustice, when it comes to access and funding for green space projects for Baltimore neighborhoods. I’m specifically interested in (1) How greening funding has been distributed in the past, by who, and what has been the benefit, (2) What is the federal (Justice 40) and state policy mandate to define environmental justice communities and direct funding to them and how does it translate within the context of neighborhoods in Baltimore, and (3) What types of policies or projects could be part of the solution toward reaching the intended goal of neighborhoods considered environmental justice communities receiving the benefit of the funding. I’ve been living in Baltimore for 9 years and before joining the ICARE program I spent the last 4 years as a GIS professional working for conservation nonprofits.

UMBC Mentor: Maggie Holland
Partner Mentor: Cheryl Knott (Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance)