Natalia Figueredo Botello, 2023

Geography and Environmental Systems (GES)

Natalia Figueredo is a recent ICARE NRT graduate who conducted research on both the perspectives of vulnerable communities on the Zero Waste Movement, as well as on understanding the sustainable practices that have been done in such households for generations. This research demonstrated the importance of local/Indigenous knowledge in the Zero Waste Movement and empowered the communities that have been fighting against the waste and climate crises. Her passion for this type of research began at a young age after moving to the United States from La Paz, Bolivia. Her background has exposed her to different forms of thinking and knowledge, which she feels need to be highlighted within science, and can help combat climate change issues.
UMBC Mentor: Maggie Holland
Partner Mentors: Tok Oyewole (GAIA)
Community Stakeholder: Shashawnda Cambell & Carlos Sanchez (South Baltimore Community Land Trust)